Keeping your boiler checked and maintained

Boilers often break down in winter, and there couldn't be a worse time to be living in a cold house with no hot water and no access to cheap boiler service.

What's more, the cost of calling out a boiler engineer is extensive, and can involve lots of calling around to try and find someone who is available and able to come out quickly.

That's why it's a good idea to sign up for boiler cover - that way you have protection if something goes wrong, and with some plans, you even get annual cheap boiler service for your boiler included in the cost. Signing up to a gas boiler servicing contract could be a real life-saver if something goes wrong when the temperature outside drops, as well as a great way to reduce boiler service cost.

What to look out for

The most important requirement of good boiler cover isn't the price; it's the standard of service. Any work done on your boiler should be carried out through a Gas Safe Register engineer.

Only Gas Safe Registered Engineers are allowed to work on boilers in the UK, and will offer you the peace of mind that the work is being done safely and to a high standard.

Just ask to see your boiler repairman's Gas Safe Register card and look out for the yellow triangular symbol.

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