Radiator & System Flushing


Are your old radiators looking tired or beginning to leak? Simply replacing an old radiator with a new, modern and energy efficient replacement could be the answer to the snug home your looking for.

System Flushing

At Heat Up Yorkshire we Powerflush every single system that we install a new boiler onto as well as fitting a Magnetic System Filter where possible. This enhances the performance of your heating system and helps prevent your new boilers heat exchanger from getting sludged up which reduces efficiency and also reduces the lifespan of the boiler.

We also do powerflushes separate to installation, price is dependant on pipe size and amount radiators so please call for an estimation or book in for a quotation. Many new boilers today come with incredible Guarantees, some as good as 10 years. However these warranties are often void if problems occur because of a sludged up system, so why not get in contact with us today and book a Powerflush and Filter fitting straight away.